Top 5 Amazon Essentials

What I use on a regular basis and highly recommend.

  1. If you don't have any weights at all, and you sign up for the 6 week challenge or the monthly programming THESE are perfect. Just 5lbs can go such a long way AND these won't break the bank.

2. I shower daily I promise. BUT I don't always wash my hair per my hairdressers suggestion. The trick is to apply right before bed so that the grease (yuck) absorbs overnight.

3. These bands are great for when I'm traveling to get to clients. I can transport them anywhere and are great for strengthening muscles, especially when working on injury recovery!

4. No parabens. No Aluminium. And it WORKS?! yup. Use it every day, swear by it. I have tried so many other "natural deodorants" and this one surpasses them by far.

5. If you don't know that I have ADD... I'm not sure how you've gotten this far. I wear it on my forehead. So it comes as no surprise that I need organization in my life. This is my life saver. Hope it saves yours too.